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  1. Russia is spoken about and has been spoken about a lot through centuries and there are several reasons for it. More..


    Russian Art -amasing and unique- is the one of the main reasons you should have a closer look at this country. It is quite hard to think of sphere of culture where Russian artists did not make important contribution. Tolstoy and Dostoevsky in Literature, Chekhov and Stanislavsky in Theatre, Kandinsky and Malevich in Art, Tschaykovsky and Rastrapovitsch in Music, Eyzenshteyn in Cinema, Baryshnikov in Ballet, etc.More..


    Our experienced and fun tutors will provide you with tailor made courses according to your age, level, goals and personality. More...


    We will be happy to interpret for you any time of the day seven days a week. No matter what kind of environment our experienced interpreters will provide you with excellent service. More...

Professionalism. Tailor made solutions. Fascinating courses. Wide range of services. Competetive prices. From Russia with us!



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